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About Waterjet Structure and Detailed Working Principle
"Waterjet" works over the water pressurized to 200MPa in diameter is small (typically greater than 0.2mm) waterjet nozzle bound form high-speed "water arrows" that can wear cut like wood, leather, rubber, etc. soft materials; If mixing abrasive "Water arrow", you can wear a variety of textures cut hard materials, such as rocks, glass, steel and so on. Combined with computer-controlled robotic workbench or form CNC machining systems to meet specific or complex plane processing requirements.

Also known as ultra-high pressure water jet cutting water jet technology. When the water is pressurized to a high pressure from a special nozzle, and small holes (diameter of 0.1mm to 0.5mm) through, can generate nearly a meter per second (about three times the speed of sound) in water arrow, this high-speed water arrows can cut a variety of soft materials including food, paper, diapers, rubber and foam, this cut is called the water cut.

When a small amount of sand is added as garnet sand mixed with water jet, arising sand water jets, can actually cut any hard materials, including metals, composites, stone and glass. Ultrahigh-pressure waterjet can also be used such as hull cleaning and car wash spray equipment in a variety of industrial surface treatment applications. The key lies in the formation of ultra-high pressure water pressure pump. The following 70Mpa high-pressure pump technology is relatively mature, 70Mpa over the country to continue to use high pressure water booster booster. The general operation of the booster is low pressure oil from the oil pump to push the large booster piston to reciprocate the piston by the active direction of the large valve automatic control.

On the other hand, the first water system for purification of water, then hit by the low-pressure water pump, low pressure water into the turbocharger is increased after the supercharging pressure of the smaller piston. As the high-pressure water is generated continuously after booster reciprocating compression, while the turbocharger piston needs commutation, is bound to make water jet emitted from the nozzle pressure is pulsating. In order to obtain a stable high-pressure water jets, high pressure water to be generated and then flows into the accumulator nozzle pressure so as to achieve the purpose of stability.

After a high-pressure water high pressure generated by the high-pressure cutting head over inflows and direct the material to be processed, so another key aspect is throttling nozzles. Nozzles using artificial (or natural) ruby or sapphire, typically 0.1mm in diameter to 0.5mm, the flow rate through the nozzle to 1000 m/s is ejected. Basic types of water jet cutting machines have blended mix of the previous points. Forming principle of pre-mixed abrasive water jet mixed with abrasive water jet is different, it is designed in the middle of an abrasive supply unit piping between the high-pressure pump.

Waterjet abrasive tank before divided into two, all the way through the valve into the abrasive tank, and the tank after the initial mixing abrasive fluidized state and then into the mixing chamber through the shut-off valve; another way directly into the mixing chamber and the tank outflow sufficiently abrasive fluid mixing, forming a liquid-solid two-phase flow. In this way strengthen the mixing of the abrasive and the abrasive particles in an aqueous medium to obtain a sufficient acceleration in an aqueous medium, abrasive particles and thus has a very high kinetic energy.

When using this system cutting or crushing materials, working pressure are greatly reduced, compared with the high-pressure water jet, usually one-fifth to one-tenth of its work pressure; compared with mixed abrasive water jet, is generally one-fifth to one-third of its working pressure. So before suspending abrasive water jet mixing device can be directly used for pressure 70MPa high-pressure pump, compared with mixed abrasive water jet reduces the supercharger, but increases the abrasive supply device.