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How to choose the good quality and reasonable price of waterjet parts and high-pressure water jet cutting machine?

Domestic waterjet cutting machine parts currently do not have a common standard to regulate its quality, the production companies are according to their own so-called standards in production, so that the marked indicators does not ensure the consistency of its meaning, so that the user at the time of purchase compared to the parameters of the indicators would be meaningless. What's more, there are some manufacturers, create the waterjet parts are completely out of tune with others, so it created obstacles for China's unification of waterjet standards, but also for their waterjet cutting machine users to set up obstacles of purchase waterjet accessories.

Waterjet Parts and high-pressure Waterjet cutting machine are cutting tools, good tools standards are:

1, To have a national standard or common standards, do not set up obstacles to their users for some of their own purposes.

2, High working efficiency.

3, Durable, low failure rate.

4, Machine cost, cutting work cost is low.

According to these four standards, how do we buy it?

1, Under the condition of no national standard, we choose internationally accepted standards, such as FLOW \ KMT standards.

2, Selection of high-efficiency waterjet parts and high pressure water jet cutting machine, the cutting efficiency including cutting quality and cutting speed. A feature of the water jet cutting: the lower the cutting speed, the higher the cut quality. With the same piece of material to a few water jet manufacturers to try cutting, and then compare: the same cutting quality, whose cutting speed ia faster; at the same cutting speed, whose cutting quality is higher. Minimum requirements for cutting, is cut off the material. Cut off speed is a very reliable comparative index.

3, Waterjet fault occurs mainly in the turbocharger section, the time of purchase, you should look at its supercharger whether imported, and then go to the old waterjet users to find out these waterjet manufacturers of quality reputation, then decide Which brand to buy, high pressure cylinders, accumulators, high pressure plunger, one-way valve plug head, high pressure seals, check valves and other components quality will directly determine the failure rate of the waterjet. The longer the service life of the components is better.

4, Currently Waterjet Parts waterjet cutting machine does not have a pass standard, parts interchangeability is very low. Thus, when buying the waterjet not only look at the whole machine price, more to look at parts prices, but also the waterjet parts interchangeability, not just look at price, but also to combine the life of carefully integrated calculate the use of cost.

In short, when purchase without regard to the pressure, flow rate, the accuracy of these indicators; to witness its cutting speed, cutting quality; to listen to the old user evaluation of each brand, and then decide how to buy.