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CNC Universal Waterjet Cutting Machine Features
1, Use ordinary water as the medium, in the process of cutting no dust, non-toxic, no spark, which can greatly improve the working environment without incurring any industrial pollution.

2, Water jet cutting is cold cutting, and thus will not change the physical and chemical characteristics of the cutting materials and become the best cutting tool for heat-sensitive materials.

3, It can be used to cut any flammable and explosive and composite materials, waterjet cutting with excellent cutting quality.

4, It can be combined with different types of computer control systems, making it a computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD / CAM) automated equipment to cut any complex shape of graphics and text.

5, Preload ball screw and high precision rolling linear guides used to ensure the high precision of the machine.

6, The operation is simple and convenient.

7, All protecting covers can ensure the precision parts of machine tool used in harsh environment without contamination and damage.

8, The machine tool adopts casting structure to ensure the stability of the machine tool and no deformation.

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