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CNC Waterjet Benefits and Features
What's the features and benefits of CNC waterjet?

Compared with the traditional "hot" cutting technology, ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine to cut the flow of the medium, is a "cold" cutting process. It has the following features and benefits:

1 cutting without thermal deformation, avoiding physical and chemical changes in the material;

2 widely adapted to cutting of various materials, the "universal cutter" reputation;

3 incision smooth burr, generally without further processing;

4 manipulated by the CNC system, high precision cutting;

5 cutting seam is less than 1.2mm, easy to cut nesting material savings;

6 process does not produce waste pollution in the environment.

CNC waterjet those other methods are difficult to cut materials such as Kevlar, titanium alloys and various composite materials are ideal or sole means of processing.

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