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Daily Maintenance of Waterjet Parts
Daily maintenance of waterjet cutting machine parts

In the cutting work, even if the pressurization system is working properly, the X-Y worktable within tolerance and the pump in normal operation, if waterjet cutting machine parts abrasive nozzle and the transmission system is out of order, also can not be processed into precision workpiece.

How to do? Follow these three simple steps to check the system, so that it remains the best operating conditions.

First, the gem orifice water flow state is essential. Observed at low pressure. Starting up, observed at low pressure gem nozzle water flow whether closely a vertical straight line, if the water flow is widened, slanted, not a bunch, replace the gem orifice or adjust the mounting direction of gem nozzle. Otherwise, nonstandard high pressure water flow for Waterjet Parts sand tube inner wall will causing serious injury, affecting the cutting precision.

Second, we should regularly check the use of sand tube nozzle. Under high pressure, sand tube jet of water inclined, falls to pieces, weakness, thicker, should be timely replaced with sand tube nozzle.

Third, regular inspection and replacement of sand delivery system of waterjet parts, to ensure that any parts at the bottom of sand delivery system are not exposed to the air. Inspection, we disconnect sand delivery pipeline from the mini hopper at the bottom of the joint, manually open the jet and the thumb attached to the end of the sand delivery line. You should feel sufficient vacuum exists, which may make the thumb tip dented. Insufficient vacuum may indicate the cutting head inlet is blocked, or sand delivery pipeline cracks, then, we need to decisively replace waterjet cutting machine parts, give full play to the efficiency of the system, check the system and keep it in top operating condition, so that the waterjet cutting machine operation more efficient, and to extend the water jet cutting machine parts life.