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Gem Orifices Introduction
Different materials of gem orifices, different effects

Gem orifice is mainly used in waterjet machinery parts, for the cutting machinery, its size is required. Usually the gem orifice materials are three different materials, each material has its own unique advantages and performance. Market jewel orifice produced mainly using ordinary materials production, so its service life is very short. KOS introduce you the different materials gem orifices.

1. Sapphire Orifice: Sapphire orifice is a commonly used material at present, it is mainly artificial gem materials, and the jewel orifice made of this material has a very good quality, if use the good quality water, its working time can be up to 100 hours, so the use of waterjet cutting machine parts, sapphire is used in an amount up to the largest. At the same time, but also to emphasize that the sapphire orifice's using time is half longer than the non-abrasive waterjet.

2. Ruby Orifice: Ruby orifice is used in waterjet cutting, but abrasive waterjet. The spray water jet at work is very suitable for cutting, but not suitable for the use of non- abrasive waterjet. Therefore, the use of ruby orifice is conditional, not all of the machinery will be able to use it well.

3. Diamond Orifice: Diamond orifice often used in the machinery required long service life, so compared to other orifices, better performance, higher cost performance. Diamond orifice generally work around the clock, rather than ruby, sapphire orifices as intermittent work, and use sonic cleaning when cleaning the diamond orifice, unlike other orifices cleaning.

According to the above introduction of the different materials gem orifice, the working principle and performance are not the same. In the cutting process, in general, the process of cutting the object is a supersonic process, not because of the pressure, the process of this work is composed by water jet velocity. That how to make water jet velocity is preferably? Major role is in the jewel orifice, high pressure water flows through the pressure of gem to be switched to the speed, and then injected overspeed flow.