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Waterjet special gem orifices service life

Waterjet now become the new darling of metal processing, stone processing and other areas, more and more people buy and learn the water jet. People in the purchase of waterjet, not only to consider the waterjet machine's price, but also take into account the processing cost of waterjet cutting, so as to ensure profitability. The cost of waterjet machining, waterjet replacement of wearing parts is one of the factors to be considered in calculating the cutting cost. Such as gem orifices, sand tubes and sealing components etc..

But the calculation of the cost of these parts is also according to the actual situation, for example, kos company's customers reflect that the waterjet cutting gem orifices used for varying lengths of time, and sometimes use a very long time, sometimes it is very short. The fastest only cutting three hours on the damage, while others use 30 hours before they need replacement. Based on our experience to judge which might be related to the following points.

First, the water jet cutting water is clean.

The service life of gem orifice is related to the cutting water quality. Ordinary tap water can meet the requirements, but in many cases, some inadvertent can lead to impurities mixed with water, therefore, may have some impact to the waterjet orifice and waterjet nozzles, thereby reducing the service life, therefore, need to ensure the purity of the water. Here you can consider increasing the water filtration equipment.

Second, the purity of the waterjet sand.

Water jet sand is suitable or not will affect the gems life, which need to purchase the appropriate garnet sand, but also to ensure its purity, if worry, you can buy automatic sand sieve, to nip in the bud.

Third, the gem orifices quality.

At present, the more use of domestic gems, the price is relatively cheap, the quality is also decent, but still have a gap between the brands, here consumers the best according to the manufacturer's recommendation, to buy cost-effective products.

Fourth, the cutting material thickness and the times of perforations.

Waterjet cutting nozzle injection of high-pressure water acting on the material at the same time will produce a reaction force acting on the waterjet gem, it will cause gems wear and deformation. Particularly in drilling and cutting relatively thick, high hardness material, this force is more obvious. For example, experience has shown that in the usual gem nozzle cutting materials of different thickness 0.1 mm -80 mm, gem nozzle service life in 100-120 hours, when cutting high-carbon steel 300 mm, only using 26 hours, the gem nozzle is obviously larger. Therefore, according to the times of the perforated and thickness of material, integrated calculation.