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Good quality, long life waterjet nozzles

In recent years, ultra-high pressure water jet cutting technology has been applied in various industries production workshop, due to the high-pressure water jet cutting nozzle in the waterjet cutting machine have to bear the high water pressure caused by the flow of sand water, while the sand water flow speed is very fast, so the water jet nozzle requirement is very high, it requires the nozzle materials and design process must be able to meet the requirements, so as to improve the wear resistance and prolong service life.

Waterjet nozzles are used for cutting metal, ceramics, stone, glass and other objects, the cutting effect is good, below, KOS will introduce waterjet nozzles related content, hoping to help consumers better understand the waterjet nozzles.

In the use of waterjet nozzle due to the acceleration abrasive, accelerated abrasive has a great wear for internal nozzle, so usually choose wear-resistant material for waterjet nozzles. On the basis of nozzles material must have good wear resistance, also need to have high hardness, composite tungsten carbide material will generally chosen as raw material for waterjet nozzles. During the process, in order to get a good quality waterjet nozzle, still need carefully processed in shape, size, and design process aspects of the tungsten carbide.

High quality waterjet nozzle has simple structure, consists of two sections, namely the tapered entrance and cylindrical exit. Its high positioning accuracy, and it suitable for different situations, good universality, you can choose different sizes depending on the application. Waterjet nozzles used in the workshop so that products can quickly molding, without the aid of other machine tools, which greatly improves the work efficiency. High intensity waterjet nozzle head with four cutting edges shape, effectively preventing the cutter back-off and extend waterjet nozzles life.

Waterjet nozzle's life is relatively short, generally about 80 hours to 150 hours, its service life in addition related to the product itself materials and design, but also related with waterjet equipment pressure, abrasive materials and so on. However, if in the use of the process choose reasonable abrasive sand and keep the water and nozzle neutral to ensure the jet is in the best position to prevent the occurrence of partial jet wear, it can be very good to extend the service life of the waterjet nozzles.

Waterjet nozzle is a key component to form an abrasive jet, KOS has been committed to the development of high-pressure abrasive water jet nozzles, continuous product improvement, expect to get longer, more stable performance products. Through unremitting efforts, KOS waterjet nozzles with high-quality materials and perfect design process by the majority of customers praise and love, it has good stability, strong practicability, long service life, good helper for complete high pressure water jet cutting. KOS expect that you can buy our products, your trust and choice is our continuous improvement and forward momentum.