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High Pressure Water Seal Ring
Purchase Considerations of Waterjet Parts High Pressure Water Seal Ring

The purchase of high-pressure water jet cutting machine parts water seal ring assembly, KOS Mechanical Technology remind all buyers pay attention to a very easy to overlook problem: What is the production time of the water seal ring assembly. We know that the current high-pressure waterjet parts water seal assembly manufacturing raw materials are mainly polyurethane + fluorine rubber + space aluminum alloy, these three materials have features of chemical reaction with oxygen in the air, popular point that is, waterjet parts high pressure water seal assembly if the production for too long, will be in the air oxidation, affecting its life and performance. So, how do we identify when buying it?

1, See the production time on the trademark.

2, See the blue water ring color. Currently, the real US imports of high-pressure water seal assembly water ring is blue, newly made water ring blue full, round, shiny. Over time, the blue color faded, washed out. Recommended to select a blue water ring, which is a regular color, others such as white water rings can not see the color change.

3, See the red O-ring colors. Currently, the real United States imported high pressure water seal assembly O-ring color is wine red, the new made O-ring red full, thick, shiny. Longer O-rings red becomes white and no gloss. Red is the formal import O-ring color, try not to use other colors other than red O-ring.

4, See steel rims color. Over time the steel rims will have fine oxide holes or small dots, careful observation can be seen.