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Installation and Usage of Sand Tube
The installation and usage of waterjet parts sand tube

1, Installed gem orifice, power on, pressure up to 280 MPa, adjust gem mounting direction until the waterline vertical.

2, Fitted with sand tube, making sand tube concentricity consistent with gem orifice.

3, New sand tube using the first day, cutting speed is not too fast, this time is the run-in period of water and sand tube inner wall, slowing the cutting speed, can improve sand tube life and increase sand tube cutting performance.

4, Every three days adjust the installation direction of the sand tube, reducing the wear of sand tube partial wall.

5, Waterjet sand selection criteria directly affect the service life and the cutting effect of sand tube. Sand models to match, evenness higher, preferably after screening to use.

6, If the sand tube is blocked by sand, the sand tube in reverse direction, from the bottom to up with high pressure water to flush out the sand.

7, Now available sand tubes in the market mostly cemented carbide material, gently hit would crack. Therefore, sand tube installation and use process to gently, reducing the impact.

8, When the cutting workpiece is rough and uneven in surface, to calculate the sand tube effective cutting height.

9, Unused sand tube should be put in the sand tube packing boxes, do not arbitrarily placed in the workshop.

10, The same sand tube does not have to use up to retirement. Usually 2 - 3 exchange, fine cutting use new sand tube, coarse cutting use old sand tube, thus effectively prolong the overall life of the sand tube.