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How to judge the quality of waterjet cutting machine parts

As waterjet cutting machine users, procurement Waterjet Parts, is an important task in daily work, waterjet cutting machine parts quality is good or bad, directly affect the cutting quality of the workpiece and production efficiency of the plant. Current domestic production waterjet cutting machine parts manufacturers more, each of the equipment, technology, personnel quality has a great difference, these differences ultimately lead to the production of products in quality, performance uneven. As waterjet cutting machine parts user, inspect high pressure water jet equipment parts quality, should be mainly from the following aspects, the choice of quality waterjet cutting machine parts:

1, The workmanship of the waterjet parts: first look, then touch, finally smell. Good waterjet parts look smooth, brightness, gloss, full color; bad waterjet parts is dark in color, or color uneven. Gently touching, good waterjet parts smooth hand, and bad waterjet partsis opposite. To smell, bad waterjet parts are odorous. Of course, you'd better ask the experienced veteran to have a look, they are true and false identification of waterjet parts of experts.

2, Waterjet cutting machine parts manufacturing material: material is very important, at present sand tube, gems, high-pressure water sealing, turbocharger components, high pressure pipes and other parts of raw materials, the imported is better, domestic materials can not keep up with imported, even workmanship better, the domestic parts pressure capacity still can not keep up with the imported parts.

3, Waterjet parts cutting speed, fast or slow cutting speed means the cutting cost of high or low, don't listen to the manufacturers advertisement, you'd better take your cutting material, to the manufacturers you want to buy the machine to try cutting, compared the same materials, cutting speed and cutting quality. White cat black cat, caught the mouse is a good cat. This is a hard index, no one can not be fooled.

4, Waterjet Cutting Machine Parts configuration: high-pressure water seal, which is the water ring + O-ring + steel ring components. We all know that this group of the most important parts in the O-ring, it decided the water seal life and the results. So there are some unscrupulous businessmen, buy O-rings, crude disorderly made the water rings and steel rings. This configuration does not wrong fundamentally, but its overall cost and the results are not comparable with imported parts. Here, the 3 parts of high-pressure water seal configuration should be imported. Oil seal repair kits, too, the most important white Y-type seals, but the entire configuration should be imported will have a higher cost performance.

5, Visit nearby Waterjet Parts waterjet cutting machine User: their views on you to identify good and bad parts is also important.

In summary, as long as we carefully inspect, carefully selected, we will be able to choose high quality of water jet cutting machine parts.