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Knowledge of Waterjet Parts Water Switch
Waterjet cutting machine parts high pressure water switch, composed of valve body, spool and pads, seals, pistons, piston shaft, placemat, guide rings, fittings, cylinder block, cylinder bottom, springs and others, KOS Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. here to introduce you the knowledge about it.

First, Waterjet Parts water switch function:

1, To prevent backwater.

2, Effectively improve production efficiency.

3, According to the requirements, rapid pressurization, decompression.

4, Effectively reduce damage rate of perforation of the brittle material.

Second, Waterjet cutting machine parts water switch replacement of the valve spool and the valve pad:

In cutting work, sometimes one of the following conditions must be promptly replaced the valve spool or valve pad.

1, When a small amount of water out of the sand tube outlet, to replace the valve spool.

2, When the valve body upper hole leaking, to replace the sealing ring.

3, When the valve body lower hole leaking, to replace the valve pad.

Third, precautions of replace waterjet cutting machine parts valve spool and valve pad:

1, When we replace the waterjet cutting machine parts value spool and valve pad, must be carried out under complete relief pressure, not pressure operation.

2, Found that the valve spool and valve pad damage, it is best to replace at the same time.

3, KOS recommends when replacing the value spool and valve pad also replace hydrosphere together.

Fourth, the blocking pressure adjustments:

After the high-pressure water occurs, the pressure in the high pressure system generated is called blocking pressure, the greater the blocking pressure, the greater the Waterjet Parts damage, but the stronger the cutting ability; the smaller blocking pressure, the worse cutting ability, but waterjet parts are well protected. KOS Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. suggest that you:

1, Higher system operating pressure, appropriate to reduce the blocking pressure can effectively protect and extend the water switch, gem orifice, sand tube life.

2, When we cutting brittle materials, lowering the blocking pressure, not only can reduce the breakage rate of the workpiece, but also can extend the life of waterjet parts.

Fifth, blocking pressure adjustment method:

1, Open the high pressure, the pressure to reach normal operating pressure.

2, Open the electric door.

3, Find the relay wrench.

4, Turn the knob, clockwise rotation blocking pressure becomes smaller, counterclockwise rotation the blocking pressure becomes larger.

5, Observe high pressure water pressure to make adjustments according to the situation.

This is Waterjet Cutting machine parts water switch related knowledge, KOS Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. in here with you encourage each other.