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Operation Waterjet Machine
Waterjet cutting machine is a kind of plane cutting machine combination of high pressure water jet generator and 2D NC machining platform. It will increases the flow pressure to a sufficiently high (200MPa or more), so that water flow has great kinetic energy, can penetrate the fiber, wood, leather, rubber, etc., mixing a certain proportion of abrasive in the high-speed flow, it can penetrate almost all hard materials such as ceramics, stone, glass, metals, alloys, etc. Under the guidance of the 2D NC platform, in any position of the material began processing or end processing, according to the set of trajectories at the appropriate speed, achieve arbitrary patterns plane cutting.


1, Cutting thick material

When cutting the material thickness is less than 2.5, the use of medium or large cutting head of production is not high. If needed, use a small parameter combination, and consider using multihead cutting, to increase production.

2, Underwater cutting

Underwater cutting can reduce abrasive waterjet cutting process cause on the surface or edge of the atomization. Underwater cutting can greatly reduce the noise when cutting, while making the work environment more clean and orderly. The only disadvantage is the operator during the cutting process can not see the jet cutting. Through the above simple explanation, do you understand our waterjet use skill? I wish to help you in your future operation.

3, Smaller abrasive mesh

Smaller abrasive mesh will make the speed slightly decreased, but can produce a smoother surface.

4, Air gap when cutting

Avoid cutting air gap is greater than 0.5mm. In the air gap in the waterjet nozzle divergent trend, it will cause the lower layer cutting surface roughness. Stack cutting, keep the sheet neatly stacked together.

5, Automatic loading and unloading, most machines do not use automatic loading and unloading techniques, such as the space shuttle.

6, Increase or decrease of water pressure by the controller.

7, Ordinary tap water, waterjet system uses ordinary tap water. 90% of pure waterjet and abrasive waterjet users require only water softening process to go through before the water filters through the pump into the turbocharger inlet. Reverse osmosis and deionization technology can greatly extend the life of the nozzle, but also cause costly damage to the turbocharger and high-pressure pipe.

8, Control system specially designed for the process, is usually more efficient and easier to use than the general multi process control.