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Parts Determine Waterjet Performance
Waterjet Parts, determine the performance of waterjet cutting machine

Waterjet is machining tool, in addition to good Waterjet Parts, we need to look at the following several criteria.

The standard of good tool is: 1, high efficiency, 2, durable that is low failure rate, 3, low costs.

Step 1: see cutting efficiency.

Cutting efficiency including cutting quality and cutting speed. A characteristic of water jet cutting: the lower the cutting speed, the higher the cutting quality.

Take the same piece of material to several water jet manufacturers to try cutting, and then compare: the same cutting quality, whose cutting speed is faster; at the same cutting speed, whose cutting quality is higher. Minimum requirements for cutting is cut off the material. Cut off speed is a very reliable comparative indicators.

Step 2: compare durability.

Waterjet fault lies in the high pressure system. The performance level of the waterjet parts manufacturers of products to be quite distinct from each other.

High pressure cylinders, accumulators, high pressure plunger, one-way valve plug head, high pressure seals, one-way valves and other components quality will directly determine the failure rate level of water jet. The life of these components as long as possible.

Step 3: Compare repairs and maintenance costs.

Currently there is no standard of waterjet, parts interchangeability is very low. Moreover, high-pressure waterjet parts are limited life. Thus, when buying the waterjet not only look at the whole machine price, but also look at the Waterjet Parts prices. Not only look at unit price, but also to combine the life of carefully integrated use of cost calculation.

Can be seen from the above, combined with several aspects we can judge the waterjet is good or bad, of course, effect of waterjet parts for waterjet machine is also important.