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Routine Inspection of Waterjet
Routine inspection before the waterjet work

As we know, water jet cutting machine before starting the routine inspection work is actually very important. It is related to water jet cutting machine cutting effect and waterjet cutting machine parts service life. Some projects inspection, directly related to the safe production of waterjet cutting and the day's work plan can be successfully completed. So every morning we want to waterjet cutting machine which routine inspection process?

1, Check whether the air safety protection switch is safe, whether the normal takeoff.

2, Check whether the oil is leakage. The oil pump, pipelines must be checked.

3, The composition of the pressurizer waterjet cutting machine parts to focus on inspection, one by one gently shaking it, if loose should be promptly tightened.

4, Starting up. Do not open the highest pressure, check the commutation system is normal.

5, Look at the pressurization system waterjet cutting machine parts various components whether working properly in the starting up state.

6, 5 minutes after the start touch the long blockage whether fever, if fever it is necessary to check the check valve spool and valve pad wear. If there is wear and heat, should be replaced, otherwise will affect the long blockage effects and life.

7, 5 minutes after the start to check whether the cylinder fever, if fever, need to start checking the piston, seals and other waterjet cutting machine parts, if damage must be promptly replaced.

8, Listen to the sound: after starting, quietly listen to the sound of the machine running, normal voice you hear every day, it is steady, consistent, not suddenly high and low. If the sound is not coherent, not stable, fluctuated, it would have to further examine the pressurization system and fuel tank fuel system whether a problem, if there is a problem, it is necessary to timely solve, don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

9, At low pressure checking gem and sand tube concentricity whether aligned. If not aligned, should be timely adjusted.

After the completion of the above 9 routine inspection, you can step up a day of cutting work.