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Did ruby nozzle price associated with ruby quality?

Ruby is our common jewelry products, however, the ruby is not only used in jewelry, in the industry also need to use the ruby. Like ruby nozzle is a common industrial waterjet parts, the ruby jewelry is expensive it is known to the public, so whether the ruby nozzle price is as expensive as ruby jewelry, the followed to introduce by professionals.

Because of the high hardness of ruby, so it will be applied to the nozzle materials choice, and the nozzle using ruby volume is very small. Where the price is certainly cheaper than those ruby jewelry. Ruby to pricing based on Ruby cutting process, the refractive index, the degree of transparency in the jewelry application, many factors affecting the price. And Ruby applications on the nozzle, there would not be limited to these conditions, this requirement is not high, so the price is certainly lower than the price of jewelry making. Ruby is divided into natural ruby and synthetic ruby.

In the past, before the synthetic ruby appeared, is the use of natural ruby. The price of natural ruby is expensive than synthetic ruby, but the hardness of natural ruby is less than synthetic ruby. Therefore, in this era of today, because of the limited procurement of natural ruby and not high hardness, ruby nozzles are made of synthetic rubies.

Ruby nozzle prices will be related to some external factors, like the ruby nozzle production process. Ruby embedded in the nozzle inside, is to allow high hardness of ruby get to play, and the top production process can make full use of the ruby high hardness. In addition, the top production process can make the ruby nozzle wear resistance. These different production process, resulting in a different ruby nozzle prices. Of course, the higher production process, so the price of ruby nozzle is relatively higher.

Factors affecting the price of ruby nozzle can also be ruby nozzle selling brand, ruby nozzle features and so on. Thus, when we look at the pricing, but also considering the many ways in order to determine whether the price of ruby nozzle realistic. This help us to choose the right price ruby nozzles.