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Ruby Nozzles Damage Reasons
Learn ruby nozzle damage primary causes, take appropriate precautions

Waterjet cutting machine ruby nozzle is the most easily damaged, and once ruby nozzle damage, will affect the entire waterjet cutting machine operation, so for an enterprise, understand Ruby nozzle damage reasons and preventive measures are very important. Today, we have the gem nozzle manufacturers - kos company to come to understand this knowledge!

According to the KOS company said, there are a lot of ruby nozzle cause damage reasons, although ruby nozzle high work efficiency, but it is also the most delicate parts, as long as a link is not protected well can cause damage.

The first possibility is that the ruby nozzle and cutting material set off a chemical reaction, causing ruby nozzle soft and brittle. Therefore, enterprises in the use of ruby nozzles must pay attention to the cutting machine cutting materials whether a chemical reaction with the ruby nozzle.

The second case is the high temperature environment will damage the ruby nozzle, ruby nozzles for high temperature sensitive, if always in a high temperature medium, ruby nozzle damage will be great. At the same time, companies should pay attention to put the machine in a cool ventilated place after use, cooling the whole machine, so that the machine can get longer life.

Another reason may be that the operator improper use, a lot of operators still not understand the usage of ruby nozzles, resulting in damage to the entire machine due to personal negligence, and this degree of damage is often larger and more difficult to repair, it is worth noting. Therefore, use training for the operating personnel is very important.

The last case of natural invasion can not be avoided, in the case of high-speed transfer, the impact of the nozzle is very large, the long time scour can cause the nozzle damage. Although this is unavoidable, but we can reduce the possibility of occurrence, so the enterprise is best not to use the machine for a long time, the machine is also need to rest.

These are the waterjet cutting machine manufacturers to share the ruby nozzle damage reasons, though the reasons are not only these, but these are the most representative. Everyone in the use of water jet cutting machine must pay attention to these cases, and if it is found necessary to immediately solve the problem, only to solve the problem immediately, waterjet cutting machine long run it may go on, service life will be longer and in order to have your service.