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Ruby Nozzles/Orifices Advantages
What are the advantages of using high-pressure ruby nozzles?

High-pressure water jet cutting machine parts, the most important thing is to belong to a high-pressure nozzle part. Material selection of this part affects the cutting ability of high-pressure waterjet cutting machine. In order to make the cutting capacity of cutting machine to achieve the best, we usually choose the high pressure ruby nozzles/orifices. As in the end what are the benefits of using this kind of nozzle, besides being able to achieve the best cutting results, as well as others.

High pressure ruby nozzle has a high hardness cutting capacity, and therefore it will be applied to high-pressure water jet cutting machine. We all know that the ruby's hardness is very high, second only to the world's most hard diamond. However, due to the diamond price is higher than the ruby, so in the selection of the nozzle materials, most is the ruby. Because of the high hardness of ruby, so that applied for high pressure water jet cutting, in addition to the diamond, basically all the materials can be cut.

Note that the use of high pressure ruby nozzle/orifice because of its high hardness, when cutting, it would be enhanced sharpness, can obtain complete cutting object. The longer use of materials, the better. The high-pressure ruby nozzle service life is longer than the ordinary nozzles life. This is because the ruby nozzle has good wear resistance, will not cause damage in the long using time because of the friction with cutting materials.

No matter in what kind of harsh environment to use the high-pressure water jet cutting machine, as long as it has a high-pressure ruby nozzle/orifice such an accessory, it can adapt. High-pressure water jet cutting machine is always dealing with the water, the use of metal nozzles will be easy to rust, while ruby nozzle does not rust, but also anti-wear.

In addition, high-pressure water jet cutting machine is using power to generate high pressure water jet, and thus play a role in cutting. In such a high-pressure water extrusion, common nozzle does not necessarily to withstand. The high pressure ruby nozzle/orifice is not the same, it is in order to withstand the high pressure water came into being.

There are many advantages of using high pressure ruby nozzles/orifices in waterjet cutting machine, however, and not just in the high-pressure water jet cutting machine, in other applications as well as to be able to reflect these same advantages. As the use of inkjet printer, is the need of withstand high pressure and high hardness advantages to improve printing quality of inkjet printer.