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Safety Production of Waterjet Cutting Machine
Waterjet cutting machine, its manufacturing with strict scientific, security, application, its design and manufacturing have been the certification of the authority department, the production companies can be assured of a cutting device. However, it is mechanical, Waterjet Parts waterjet cutting machine is a steel structure different from people, we are talking about waterjet parts of life is the service life rather than its biological life. So, when we use the waterjet parts cutting workpiece material, we must pay attention to the following safety precautions, in strict accordance with the technical rules for production.

1, Waterjet movement is by gantry movement to drive the cutter head movement to achieve the purpose of cutting objects. Therefore, around the cantilever and gantry are prohibited to stand around, to prevent accidental injury.

2, Waterjet Parts nozzle head is above the water object, when cutting the workpieces should be placed neatly, prevent severing sand tube nozzle.

3, When the cutting operation, the operator's arm is strictly prohibited under the cutter head, if you go in, the consequences we know.

4, After completion of the work, first turn off the switch of high pressure water, then can take the materials.

5, After the emergency power outage, there will be some high-pressure water stays in the high pressure parts, when re-energized, the high pressure water will suddenly break out, it is likely to cause personal injury. After the re-energized, we should be immediately removed the remaining high-pressure water, and then restart.

6, Pay close attention to the use of waterjet parts high pressure tube, if slight damage or leakage, should be promptly repaired or replaced.

7, High pressure seal need to be replaced regularly.

8, When the leakage of high pressure tube, press the emergency stop button in time, and make the corresponding treatment.

9, Cooling of high pressure system is also noteworthy place. Pressurization system in the pressurization process will generate a lot of heat, which if not promptly dispersed, can cause high pressure components inside Waterjet Parts of wear and aging, prone to accidents, resulting in personal injury to the operator. Therefore, we should always check the heat dissipation of high pressure section waterjet parts, identify problems and dispose in time.

10, Waterjet Parts of high pressure cylinder generally predetermined high pressure range, regulations 300MPa waterjet, long-term work at full capacity, a lot of wear and tear on the waterjet, cutting 20cm steel at 260Mpa, will achieve the desired speed and performance, we do not need the pressure has been open to 300 MPa.

11, There are impurities in the water will plug the pipeline, occur accident.