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Service Life of Nozzles

Under the impact of abrasive particles with the high-speed, the materials of the nozzles are very important. The materials of the nozzles must with high hardness and high wear resistance, which are made of the tungsten carbide composite. About the cemented carbide, WC exists as granule and CO as the adhesives. This soft metals adhesives have a big impact on the wear resistance. So the general the CO contents need to limited to less than 6%. The shape, size, type and the technological conditions of the carbide have a big effects on the wearability.

The nozzles of waterjet have pure water nozzles and mixture nozzles, we named it nozzles.

The size of the wanterjet nozzles:

The inner diameter of the nozzle: 0.3-1.2mm, outside dimaeters: 6mm

The materials of the nozzles are the tungsten carbide composite.

Service life:

Depend on the materials, the pressure of the waterjet, whether use the sand, the materials of the sand and the hardness. General are about 80-150 hours.

Nozzles also named Abrasive Nozzles, which on the exit of the high pressure abrasive water jet machine tool jet and is used to mixed with water. Because of the bad environment and the abrasion, so need to made of the high wear resistance materials. The struction of the nozzles are very simple, have 2 parts they are cones entry and columnar exit. Because have different uses so the size will be different.