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Some Misunderstandings About Water Jet
Waterjet as a superior way of cutting and high tech machinery, with a unique cutting characteristics favored by the vast number of consumers. Application of water jet cutting is more and more widely. However, many consumers in the purchase of waterjet, often have some misunderstanding, the misunderstanding is generated based on the basis is not very understanding of the product of waterjet.

One, knowledge about water jet cutting speed.

The cutting speed of water jet is a very complex issue, it is a variety of factors constitute the results. Many consumers on the cutting speed and accurate value is concerned, but it is not the accurate measurement. Under normal circumstances, cutting different materials and thickness of the material velocity is certainly not the same, if the single from this point of view, the cutting speed can be calculated. But there are other factors such as cutting: sandblasting pipe, gem. Aperture pipe is one of the factors that affect the cutting speed, large diameter sand pipe under the normal pressure, cutting ability stronger, speed is the fastest.

The second is the sand tube and gem orifice using time, because with the continuous erosion of high pressure water on sand tube and gem orifice, the aperture will change, resulting in water pressure and water column shape changes, thus affecting the cutting quality and cutting speed. But the two time use different cutting speed, change without.

Therefore, water jet cutting speed and accuracy can't be measured, but according to the specific circumstances, and manufacturers can offer is roughly the speed of this product, the consumer can continue to accumulate experience in actual use, experience judgment for the accurate value of cutting speed.

Two, whether the cantilever or Longmen is better?

Many manufacturers will often to the customer provides two kinds of structure selection in the foreign publicity, a Longmen style, is a cantilever. Most people think of Longmen style is better than the cantilever, mainly is better in stability and cutting precision. In fact, according to the majority of customers and reflect the actual comparison, two did not actually play the difference. In the cutting precision, two very close. On the contrary, because of the Longmen type screw rod two motor synchronous driving, if there is a problem, will lead to the deformation of the whole wire rod, in addition, Longmen in the selected materials cantilever more than.

Three, which water jet manufacturer exactly is best?

Domestic water jet, only two to do the best, but the price is relatively high. If you want to buy high quality and inexpensive products, to make a concrete understanding of manufacturer. Now on the market after the make water jet manufacturers a lot, how to choose a good product in them should start from the following points: 1, historical investigation. To see the manufacturers from what time to start to do, also is experience. Because the water jet is the accumulation of a technology. 2, plant and machinery, this need not I say, everyone should know. 3, listen to the word of mouth, this aspect from the Internet looking for, because the network is tens of thousands of gunmen, best friends from there.