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Water Jet Cutting Machine Seals
As we all know, the pressure of the jet is nozzle to form, a prerequisite for the formation is to have reliable performance of water jet cutting machine seals.

High pressure, ultrahigh pressure static seals, rotary seals, reciprocating seals are important parts of high-pressure water jet equipment. Their life marks the operating reliability of the complete sets of equipments. Where high-pressure water jet technology research, must with great effort to overcome sealing technology, because the success of sealing technology is directly related to the water jet pressure, flow conditions of implementation, waterjet cutting machine manual shut-off valves are equally waterjet indispensable important parts.

The higher the pressure, the less viscosity of the media, the more difficult the seal, the higher the technology content. For each particular case, the sealing method depends on the specific design of the seal. The success of every seal, finishing outside the design, assembly, testing is often more important. Next highlights waterjet pump (turbocharger), valves, spray gun, nozzle joints high pressure seal.

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