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Waterjet Accessories Problems
Buying waterjet cutting machine had to consider the accessories problems

Waterjet Cutting with fast speed, good quality, high precision, no heat, no processing glitches, low cutting costs and can be widely used in a variety of materials, excellent cutting technology. The basic principle is to use ultra-high pressure waterjets strong impact force, combined with abrasive produce powerful cutting action.

Waterjet in the stone mosaic, glass, ceramics, metal processing has irreplaceable advantages. It can meet a variety of special materials, composite materials cutting, such as leather, plastic, diapers, food and other industries processing. Finally, it is also a variety of special cutting, such as the best way to cut the explosion. Therefore, the water jet is used more and more widely.

However, consumers first time know the waterjet technology, for the understanding of the waterjet might not be enough.

First, most of the water jet need to add abrasive.

Abrasive Waterjet principle is applying abrasive edges to the material erosion, in ultra-high pressure water driven, reach the material easy cutting. Currently, most of the water jet are abrasive waterjet cutting, because the abrasive waterjet can not only improve the capacity and speed of the water jet, but also can reduce the requirements of pressurization system, so that the water jet is more economical and safe. Pure waterjet is mainly applied to relatively soft material cutting, such as leather, paper, etc..

Waterjet nozzle size is generally 0.26,0.30,0.33, etc., application of the garnet sand is generally 80 mesh and 60 mesh. In order to prevent blockage of the nozzle, in the purchase of garnet sand, be sure to select uniform, no impurities garnet sand, while keeping it dry. Cutting sand into the mixing chamber without external force, can manually add sand, but to save manpower prevent the section sands, at the time of purchase, the best automatic device for sand and keep a sufficient amount of sand.

Second, common wearing parts.

Since the water itself has erosion to nozzles and gems, after a certain time of use, the gem nozzle can be deformed, cutting effect affected, when reaches the rated life, need to replace. Under normal use, waterjet consumptive parts are mainly above two kinds, in some cases, waterjet seal assembly also fails, at this time, only need to replcae seals.

Third, the misunderstanding on the cooling.

Many customers in the purchase of waterjet products, often hear the propose of purchase the cooling system. Water jet at runtime using oil and water will produce heat, if not cooling in time, the machine will have an impact. However, this issue is not uniform, due to process issues, the various manufacturers on waterjet cooling technical levels are different, some manufacturers will advise customers to buy. However, products with high technical standards, often can solve the cooling problem itself, dispense with external cooling system. Therefore, in the purchase, to choose the right products, do not spend unnecessary money.