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Waterjet Auxillary Parts
What are the waterjet configured auxiliary attachments? What are the functions?

Mention waterjet everyone not unfamiliar, and usually on its main components such as nozzle, high pressure equipments of attention also a lot, in fact, in addition to these key components, water jet cutting machine, there are many auxiliary parts, without them the equipment is also "unable to move". Obviously, these auxiliary parts throughout waterjet cutting machines have their own important role, we work together to understand it.

What is called dynamic height follower parts attracted attention, it can be used to auto-induction the distance between the water jet nozzle and materials, as a basis for helping the user can set a reasonable cutting position as required and maintain stability status. If it is used in combination with the collision sensor, it can effectively prevent the damage of the obstacles in the process of cutting.

Another essential accessory is the filtration system, which is primarily designed for waterjet used water filtration process, can effectively filter out particles in water to ensure that the higher quality and higher pure water, so as not to affect the cutting effect. At the same time, also to ensure that the nozzle is not damaged.

When the water jet cutting machine face with the small and thin objects, the device needs to be configured waterjet brick, specifically for the auxiliary water jet nozzle fixed position, to prevent reducing cutting accuracy because of nozzle shaking. In addition to the above-mentioned three parts, as well as sand delivery system, laser edge detector, vacuum-assisted system, grit removal system, etc., they are indispensable.