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Water cutting machine selection mainly consider two parts: the high-pressure system and CNC cutting platform, different high-pressure systems and different cutting platforms can be composed of cutting equipments suitable for different areas, before you choose the device probably thinking the cutting material varieties, thickness, cutting surface and cutting speed requirements, it will be helpful to you.

1, Selection of the high pressure system: mainly depending on the varieties of cutting material, thickness, cutting surface quality and the cutting speed requirements.

a) 380Mpa high pressure system: 30KW (40HP), 37KW (50HP), high pressure, strong cutting ability, good cutting surface quality, fast cutting speed, especially suitable for cutting hard materials thickness at 30mm or more (such as steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials and stone, etc.), as well as the occasions with higher requirements of the cutting surface quality and the cutting speed.

b) 300Mpa high pressure system: 22KW (30HP), economical and practical, low running costs, it can be used in cutting 30mm thickness less hard materials (such as metal materials, stone, ceramics, glass, etc.), but the cutting speed (capacity) will be significantly lower than the 380Mpa high pressure system.

2, Selection of the CNC working platform: mainly according to the size of cutting materials.

a) Gantry type: compact structure, easy to install, suitable for the occasion of material size relatively fixed, loading and unloading relatively easy or loading and unloading way more fixed.

b) Cantilever type: motion mechanism and cutting platform separation, independently of each other, a larger loading and unloading space, especially suitable for the material size irregular, loading and unloading way not fixed, if you purchase the device is to undertake external cutting processing, it is recommended to use cantilever.

c) Dimensions: CNC cutting platform sizes selection should first consider the cutting workpiece dimensions (i.e. cutting stroke), and then consider set cutting issues and the material itself of size specifications and other issues, it will help you to cost-effective choice, of course, should also consider the future developments.

d) Electric drive mode: AC servo motor and stepper motor two drive modes, cutting effect in two ways no difference, but if the cutting speed > 3000mm/min, CNC cutting platform best selection of AC servo motor drive, otherwise stepper motor driver would be an economical and practical choice, and future maintenance is also more convenient.

3, Other optional items:

a) Automatic sand delivery system: In order to reduce labor intensity, to avoid the operator forgot timely adding sand cause interrupted cutting, optional automatic sand delivery system, this system can simultaneously supply two machines use, it is recommended that optional when there are two machines.

b) Double cutting head: If the cutting workpiece is not large (generally less than 600mm), and much quantities and less variety, can also choose double cutting head or multi cutting head, make a machine more efficient, but the high-pressure system shall be used 50B type that is 37KW (50HP) or greater horsepower high-pressure system.

c) Soft water treatment: If you choose 40B or 50B high pressure system, it is recommended optional soft water treatment system to extend the high pressure seals life.