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Waterjet Cleaning Technology
Water jet cleaning technology compared with other ways

Ultrahigh-pressure water jet cleaning is the physical cleaning methods, compared with the traditional manual, mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning, biological cleaning and other cleaning methods, has the following advantages:

1, Water jet pressure and flow rate can be easily adjusted, and therefore the substrate of the cleaning object will not be damaged;

2, High pressure water jet will not cause secondary pollution, after cleaning if no special requirements, do not need to be cleaned;

3, Cleaning the objects with complex shapes and structures, can be in the narrow space or harsh environments occasions cleaning operations;

4, Different from the chemical cleaning, biological cleaning, high pressure water jet cleaning without harmful substances emissions and environmental pollution;

5, Ultra high pressure water jet cleaning quickly and thoroughly. Such as the heat exchanger clean rate is more than 95%, boiler cleaning rate of more than 95%;

6, The cleaning cost is low, only about 1/3 of chemical cleaning, that is, the ultra high pressure water jet cleaning belongs to the fine jet, belongs to the energy saving equipment;

7, Ultrahigh-pressure water jet cleaning has no special requirements on the equipment materials, characteristics, shape and fouling species, and only require water jet can reach.