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Waterjet Cutting Glass
Application of waterjet cutting machine parts in glass products industry

Waterjet cutting machine parts in glass products industry has a wide range of applications. Today, the glass is more and more used in the various sectors of society, home improvement, automotive, transportation, science and education, aviation, aerospace, military...... can say that as long as someone's place, there are glass products. These widely used in the fields, while promoting the development of the glass industry, on the other hand also for the glass industry, glass products made more diverse needs. The waterjet cutting technology to join for the diversity, technology, popularization of glass products provides a quick and easy solution.

Waterjet cutting machine parts in glass products industry, has the following several advantages:

1, Cutting flat glass, Waterjet cutting machine parts can be processed in any geometric figure you want. Geometric modeling, drilling, mosaic, split, waterjet cutting can be handy. Waterjet cutting machine parts processing technology diverse, accurate and beautiful.

2, Waterjet cutting machine parts does not produce heat when cutting, glass cutting seam without causing arc marks. Safety, environmental protection, do not need to re-processing.

3, Waterjet cutting machine parts can be arbitrarily curved cutting, machining, drilling on the glass, do not need mold, convenient and flexible, workpiece doesn't need to be making plywood, the operation is simple and convenient.

4, Waterjet cutting machine parts only 1 mm tolerance of slit glass, cutting surface clean, smooth, non-explosive edge.

5, Waterjet cutting machine parts are widely used in home appliances glass cutting, such as: gas cooker mesa, kitchen ventilator, disinfection cabinets, TV.

6, Waterjet cutting machine in the building and decorating glass, furniture glass, automotive glass, mirror glass industry and other fields have broad application space.