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Waterjet Cutting Head Assembly
Waterjet cutting machine parts cutting head assembly

First, Waterjet parts cutting head assembly category:

Waterjet Parts cutting head divide into pure water cutting head and abrasive cutting head two kinds.

1, Pure water cutting head: mainly used in leather, food, cloth and other workpieces; also used in aviation, aerospace, rail washing and other works.

2, Abrasive cutting head: abrasive cutting head is generally composed of the following Waterjet Parts:

1, Connecting pipe; 2, gem; 3, sand mixing chamber; 4, nozzle body; 5, chuck; 6, pressing nut; 7, sand tube; 8, sand inter tube and other parts.

Second, Waterjet Parts gem nozzle replacement and maintenance:

Gem nozzle is the main wearing parts of cutting head, the general service life of 30 hours or so. In the course of the use if appear the following conditions should be replaced immediately:

1, Without supply sand, sand tube spray water flow was divergent. Should be replaced timely of gem.

2, Water normally open switch, pressure is normal, but no water spray nozzle, the system does not change, this phenomenon occurs, it may be because the gem nozzle is clogged by foreign body. Should be replaced timely of gem.

3, Check sand tube wear is normal, but cutting capacity decreased significantly, it should replace the gem orifice at this time.

When replacing the gem orifice, to confirm the high-pressure system has no high pressure water.

Third, Waterjet Parts sand tube replacement and maintenance:

Sand tube life is generally between 80-120 hours. The following phenomena occur during use, should be replaced immediately:

1, Outlet severe deformation of the sand tube.

2, Without abrasive the water column is normal, add abrasive the water column widened of sand tube.

3, The water column is normal, the cutting speed is obviously decreased.

Please confirm that the high pressure system is in a shutdown state before replacing sand tube, and the system has no pressure.

Fourth, Waterjet parts sand mixing chamber replacement:

When replacing the cutting head sand mixing chamber, also carried out in the state without pressure.