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Waterjet Cutting Machine Check
Installation and commissioning of waterjet cutting machine

The buyer before accepting waterjet cutting machine parts, must obtain proof of the mechanical properties of the factory. Suppliers must show the proving of waterjet cutting machine parts has passed all internal tests, meet the basic performance standards for quotations, additional criteria should be accepted before the purchase of machinery by buyer and seller negotiated and determined.

1, Waterjet cutting machine parts performance check

There are two most important indicators: accuracy and repeatability. Get able to display the results of each spindle linear positioning of the laser interferometer test print text, compared with the quotations will see whether they match these results. For high-precision equipment (precision in the entire trip +/- 0.003 inches or higher) should according to ISO double criteria or 3-sigma tested.

2, Waterjet cutting machine parts cutting speed range check

After the factory machine installation is complete, in your factory similar test to ensure test results are similar to the results of the factory, may accept manufacturers equipment. Dynamic accuracy tests conducted by the club meter shows machine can traverse a circle while maintaining lists of accuracy and repeatability.

3, Waterjet cutting machine parts cutting stroke length check

After the factory installed machine, starting up to check the cutting machine effective stroke, ensure that the device has a full length of stroke. If the length of the machine is 6 x 10 feet, Z-axis length of 10 inches, and will have to confirm these distances it is a practical possibility.

4, Waterjet cutting machine parts cutting work pressure check

Full steam ahead, check the water jet cutting machine maximum working pressure satisfies the standard requirements of the contract, and normal operation. Remember that sometimes water pipe occur pressure loss between the pump and XY working table, So, to test the water pressure close to the pump as far as possible.

5, Waterjet cutting machine parts cutting performance check

This is a comprehensive experimental project, many contents to be checked. To actually starting up, in accordance with customer process requirements, for cutting metal, ceramic tile, stone, leather, synthetic materials and various parquet materials, to see the cutting effect whether can meet customer requirements. During the cutting process, to check the performance of the machine whether meet the requirements of the contract when purchase.

This test is usually classified as familiarization training, familiarization training is usually immediately after installation, training takes about half a day, aimed at ensuring that operators and maintenance personnel to gradually skillfully operate the machine. Before installing the equipment, best to send your employees to manufacturer training courses for training to all of waterjet cutting machines have a better grasp of the theory and practice.