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Waterjet Cutting Machine Platform
Seven characteristics of water jet cutting machine platform

1, Specially reinforced lathe bed structure, the cutting head running at high speed does not produce vibration, smooth operation of the machine, fast cutting speed, high machining precision.

2, All directional cutting ability, can complete any plane curve cutting.

3, Cutting head is equipped with reliable pneumatic high pressure water switch control device to improve production efficiency.

4, The use of screw, X, Y axis using the original oil-immersed screw guide rail lubrication, combined with effective waterproof, dustproof structure to ensure the processing precision of CNC cutting platform, and maximize limits extend the life of the screw guide.

5, Unique sand valve design, simple structure, the flow of sand smoother, easier to repair and prevent up-water phenomenon.

6, CNC water jet cutting platform divided into cantilever and gantry type two structure forms, CNC controller with stepper system and AC servo system of two types are available.

7, Full stainless steel protective cover, dustproof, waterproof, rust-proof, anti-corrosion, easy to clean with water, keep cutting platform year-round shiny as new.

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