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Waterjet Cutting Operation Rules
Pay attention to safety when using waterjet cutting machine

In order to avoid serious personal accidents, please observe the following rules:

1, Before installing and using the waterjet cutting machine, please read this manual carefully, and follow the warning signs and warning contents on the cutting machine.

2, Hire the professional trained and qualified personnel for installation, operation and maintenance of the waterjet cutting machine.

3, Non-associated personnel shall not enter the cutting operation site.

4, Do not allow this waterjet cutting machine for non cutting work.

In order to prevent the insulation performance of the cutting machine damage and cause a fire, please observe the following rules:

1, Cutting machine placed location should ensure that the splashes when cutting or other operations of metal powder, metal scraps can not enter the cutting machine, if found has entered, must be completely cut off the power, removing the cover, with compressed air blowing clean or other methods to remove.

2, Dust accumulation will cause the insulation performance decline, and may even cause an internal short circuit of cutting machine and affect the normal use, please according to the actual use of the situation, regularly send care professionals. The user should have a power distribution box with the cutting machine capacity and should be fitted with automatic air switch or other switches. Ground to connect securely and reliably.

Contact with the rotating parts can cause injury, please observe the following rules:

1, Please do not use cutting machine in the case of the demolition case or other protective devices.

2, Do not put your fingers, clothes, hair and other close to the rotating parts of the cutting machine, to avoid causing injury.