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Waterjet Cutting Performance
Because of waterjet need to use the powerful pressure, so water jet nozzle diameter is very small, so as to produce strong pressure. Waterjet is by ultra high pressure generator water pressurized to 300MPa or more, through a spray nozzle with a fine orifice made of advanced carbide, sapphire, diamond and so on, the speed is several times of the speed of sound, this high-pressure water has strong cutting ability, and can make the cutting ability of several times to enhance by adding sand and other abrasive. High pressure water jet can be fast cutting almost all materials, glass, rubber, fibers, fabrics, steel, stone, plastic, titanium, chromium and other nonferrous metals, composite materials, stainless steel, reinforced concrete, colloids, soil. It can be said, in addition to diamond and tempered glass (fragile), there are no materials can not be cut by high pressure water jet cutting machine. And it can be safely cut inflammable and explosive materials, as applied to the abandoned shells, bombs dismantled cutting.

Waterjet cutting incision fine (about 1-2mm), high cutting accuracy (0.0002mm), can free cutting all kinds of complex graphics, waterjet cutting incision smooth, no burr, no heat no annealing phenomenon, cutting surface flat, widely used in aircraft parts, precision mechanical gear, printers, Walkman gear, parts and so on.

The water jet has relatively high requirements for water, pipe, nozzle. Such as pipes, water jet is used high pressure tool for the water pressurized and shoot out, must have very high pressure to cut the hard cutting materials, so the pipe must be able to withstand extremely high pressure, this pressure is far greater than the 700 MPa, because of the thin steel plate (cutting material) itself can withstand the pressure of 700 MPa. Secondly, used water with no impurity of waterjet is wrong. Because the water pressure is far greater than 700 MPa, then for the pipeline and other sealing devices, no matter how good sealing performance, pure water will always make them wear and leakage. In order to solve this problem, the waterjet used water will add 5% soluble emulsified oil, improve the sealing effect. For the high pressure pump, also to add some oil to improve the sealing performance.