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Waterjet Cutting Uses And Characteristics
Intelligent waterjet also known as water cutter and water jet cutting, it is ordinary water after multi-stage turbocharging produced the high energy (380MPa) flow, through a very fine Ruby nozzle (Φ0.1-0.35mm), at a speed of nearly 1000 meters per second jet cutting, this cutting way is called ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting.

Conventional waterjet cutting can only cut one layer board, and a dynamic waterjet cutting can cut multi-layer boards, greatly improve the production efficiency. When processing the same size / graphics, The cutting speed of the dynamic waterjet cutting is 3.5 times of the conventional waterjet cutting. When processing the same thickness, dynamic waterjet cutting precision than conventional waterjet cutting biggest increase 0.2mm. It will have a "tail" when conventional waterjet cutting, the faster the speed, the more obvious the trailing, only in the very slow speed is not obvious. Dynamic waterjet cutting no "tail" phenomenon, cutting speed can be increased as needed, to improve production efficiency.

There are three main purposes of waterjet cutting equipment, first is cutting non-flammable materials, such as marble, tile, glass, cement products and other materials, which materials the thermal cutting can not be processed; the second is cutting combustible materials, such as steel, plastic, fabric, polyurethane, wood, leather, rubber, etc., in the past the thermal cutting of these materials can also be processed, but it is easy to cause the combustion zone and burrs, but the waterjet cutting does not produce combustion zone and burrs, the cutting material physical and mechanical properties does not change, this is a major advantage of waterjet cutting; third is cutting inflammable and explosive materials, such as ammunition and cutting inside explosive environment, which is the other processing methods can not be replaced.

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