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Waterjet Novice Must Master Knowledge
UHP waterjet can cut what material?

UHP waterjet can cut a variety of thick, hard of materials: such as stainless steel, materials, aluminum, copper, steel, marble, metal alloys, glass, plastics, ceramics, tiles and various can see it.

Waterjet cutting accuracy attainable?

Its cutting precision workpiece between 0.1mm ~ 0.25mm. Workpiece accuracy depends on the accuracy of the machine, the size of the workpiece and the cutting thickness.

How wide is the gap waterjet cutting?

Subject to cutting work material size and thickness of the nozzle may be used. In general, abrasive cutting the incision of approximately 1.0mm to 1.2mm. With sand knife flared tube diameter, the greater the incision.

Use of water jet cutting will produce what kind of hypotenuse?

The cutting speed of operation of the decision of its hypotenuse quality. Most have seen good cutting quality of unilateral hypotenuse is about 0.1mm.

What materials should be used waterjet cutting?

In general, a complex pattern, thick, hard cutting, fragile and sensitive to heat the material best suited for waterjet machining equipment.

A complete set of waterjet cutting equipment should be included?

Ultrahigh-pressure pumps, waterjet cutting head unit, CNC cutting table, computer control cabinet.

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