About High Pressure Waterjet Cutting Parts Nozzles Use Cautions
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Waterjet Nozles Use Cautions
About High Pressure Waterjet Cutting Parts Nozzles Use Cautions

Waterjet nozzle as one of high-pressure water jet cutting machine parts, can be said to be a very important role in equipment. For its installation program, has long been the focus of attention of many people. Below we invite professionals to help us analyze the specific installation steps about waterjet nozzle.

Waterjet nozzle as a high-pressure water jet cutting machine part, in the use of the process should be aware of the following basic steps:

1. Before installation, be sure to check thw waterjet nozzle's related working faces reach the clean standard, to ensure that no dust to be installed.

2. Then according to the water jet cutting machine installation required equipment accessories installation, first of all, after the gem orifice installation, testing water line, and then install the water jet cutting nozzle.

3. Choose low-pressure no sand water for debugging, and then test the jet of water in a straight line without any scattering phenomenon. Then the high-pressure water jet cutting machine parts gem orifice and nozzle are able to run correctly.

4. Each time you use high-pressure water jet cutting machine parts such as waterjet nozzle range from 10 to 20 hours, you need to rotate the accessories one hundred and twenty degrees.

5. The selected waterjet nozzle inner diameter and waterjet cutting machine gem orifice inner diameter should maintain best proportion can not exceed or below the required standards.

6. In the use of the process, the related abrasive quality and hardness, or thickness may lead to waterjet nozzle abrasion fault.

7. If water quality has not been fully filtered, others may be emitted the water flow, leading to the inner wall of waterjet nozzle with some damage.

8. After operation and work for a period of time, you can check the high-pressure water jet cutting machine parts abrasive nozzle is also has a smooth inner wall, if not smooth enough, you should notify the professional maintenance personnel to deal with, to see whether you need to replace the new waterjet nozzle.

The above are high-pressure water jet cutting part abrasive nozzle use cautions. I hope we can help you use the equipment more correct, and actively do timely maintenance and repair of related accessories to maintain the performance of the device can be more intact, further extending the use of water jet cutting machine time.