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Waterjet Parts and Cutting Speed
Waterjet Parts and waterjet cutting speeds, not a single concept, which is constituted by the interaction of many factors, and not as we often say what a brand machine cutting speed, which one of the water jet parts waterjet cutting speed slow. It is a complicated problem, and it is the result of many factors constituted.

Some consumers in the purchase of waterjet parts and water jet cutting machines are very concerned about water jet cutting speed, ask how much is the cutting speed, this question is difficult to answer accurately. We understand that consumers are concerned about the exact value of cutting speed, but it can not be accurately measured.

1, We can reason, when using the same Waterjet Parts waterjet cutting machine, the cutting speed of the different materials and thickness of the workpiece are certainly not the same, if just from this perspective, the cutting speed can be calculated. When cutting thicker material cutting speed is definitely slower than the thin material, although the use of the same waterjet parts and the same waterjet cutting machine.

2, One of the important factors waterjet parts, gem orifice, sand tube's aperture is the impact of cutting speed, large diameter sand tube under the normal pressure, the stronger cutting ability, speed is the fastest.

3, The old sand tube, aperture increases, the cutting speed is higher than new sand tube, but the cutting effect is lower than new sand tube.

4, Using the same sand tube and gem orifice, under different pressure, the higher the pressure, the faster the cutting speed.

Therefore, Waterjet Parts waterjet cutting speed is not an accurate measure, but according to the specific circumstances, cutting speed given by the manufacturer, only a reference value, the specific cutting speed, still the users themselves in production to sum up.