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Waterjet Parts Common Faults Exclusion
Waterjet parts in the use process, often have some little problems, some problems are just small problems, move your hands can be ruled out, without replacement waterjet parts. Here, the KOS Machinery Co., Ltd. together with you to explore what waterjet cutting machine parts maintenance and replacement of conventional knowledge.

1, Waterjet cutting machine parts / reversing normal but no high or low pressure:

Check the water supply whether normal, the water pressure whether too low, the water wheyher blocked, the observation hole whether water or oil leakage, the piston rod whether broken, the seal whether broken, the one-way valve whether broken, the spool valve pad whether wear deformed.

2, The reversing time is too long or does not reversing, no high or low pressure:

Waterjet Parts check whether Hall switch broken, Hall switch gently moved to the high-pressure cylinder position and check that the relief valve flow is too large or too small, ceramic piston rod whether broken, and the seal wear or not.

3, Waterjet parts show the pressure is normal, but cutting weakness:

Check the high pressure pipeline path whether blocked, gem orifices, sand tube, water switch whether blocked, the replacement of new gems and sand tube.

4, Pressure fluctuated, and the fluctuation is too large:

Check whether the observation hole of oil leakage, water leakage, long plug and one-way valve connection whether leakage, the valve spool valve pad whether broken, long plug, one-way valve whether heat deformation.

5, Commutation time is too short or two reversing lights light up: the Hall switch move to the high pressure cylinder direction, check whether the reversing thimble is too tight.