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Waterjet Parts of Waterjet Nozzles
Water flow through the nozzle made by Carbide, thus acting on the cutting. Water cutting equipment through pressurized water pressure is very high, about 200 MPa - 420 MPa, water flow very fast, about 800-1000 m/s. Nozzle materials and design processes required to achieve a very high demand, including diameter high concentricity, high-quality finish, high wear resistance. The nozzle working at high pressure stream of water flowing, shall ensure waterjet life.

Sand mixing tube is called, commonly known as sand tube, mixing tube. The most standard method is called mixing sand tube because of the mixed water and sand flow is inside the nozzle formation, which is the most suitable for its meaning; take a direct role in cutting, it can be said cutting head; sand nozzle, by the meaning of relative water nozzle (Jewel nozzle); in addition to the above names, industry insiders also call it sand mixing tube, sand cutter head, sand blasting nozzles etc. different names. Water jet nozzle is called, not for the specification, but only need to know its shape, the use, remember the specifications can solve the problem.

Mixed sand tube specifications on (Unit: mm, 1 diameter, the widespread use of 6.35 and 7.14 two specifications, such as the dardi waterjet Use 6.35, the all-powerful waterjet use 7.14; 2 length, the general use of 76, another 50, 101.6, length for the water and sand flow mixing, agglomeration has a certain influence factors; 3 hole, the more common specifications of 0.76, 1.02, depending on the cutting accuracy requirements, and shall also pay attention to other factors with the use of, such as gem nozzle hole size, equipment of high and low pressure, water jet sand thickness and so on.

waterjet nozzles

First, sand tube installation steps

In order to ensure the normal use of the sand tube, please follow the following steps strictly.

1, Make sure the nozzle holder and mixed sand gem pipe jacket face clean and free of dust;

2, The first device Orifices test the straight of water column, and then loaded mixed sand tube;

3, With no sand water pressure testing, linear jet of water until no scattering, proved mixed sand tube concentric with absolute Orifices and then cutting;

4, Each tube using mixed sand after 10-20 hours, please rotate 120 degrees.

The above method can guarantee the service life of sand tubes.

Second, nozzles life affecting factors

1, Orifices and mixed sand nozzle size of the inner diameter of tube optimum ratio of 1:3;

For example: sand mixing tube inner diameter is 1.0mm, then the gem orifice diameter should be 0.33mm such proportions, after a great number of tests, the most powerful cutting, minimal wear and tear on the sand tube wall. Note: if the pressure and flow is not up to the rate then took a smaller gem orifice).

2, Sand grain size and quality, and there are too coarse impurities mixed sand, sand will accelerate the wear of the tube;

3, Dirty or has not been fully filtered water, high pressure is easy to destroy nozzle, injection of water which will damage the sand tube wall;

4, The concentricity of Orifices with sand tube nozzle. Concentricity even if only a tiny deviation, can also cause sand water deflection, the direct impact of mixed sand pipe wall on one side, and thus rapid wear of mixed sand tube, while also causing cutting weakness slow down.

Third, the usually abnormal damage caused by non sand mixing tube factors

1, Gem orifice abnormal damage caused by poor water quality, and therefore hurt the sand tube;

2, Gem orifice design or collet combination production is not good, water arrows is not normal;

3, Collet has loss caused disturbance flow, water arrows do not concentrate;

4, Cutting head design and working accuracy is poor, gem orifice installed before and after is still displaced, causing water arrows centers errors;

5, The mixed space of sand and water is poorly designed, causing the disturbance flow;

6, Cutting head design bad, when collet fixed the force different, causing water arrow direction offset and hurt sand tube;

7, Cutting head or collet used steel and technology do not pass, so that the accuracy changes rapidly cause water arrows offset.