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Waterjet Parts Sand Control System Adjustment
Waterjet Parts sand flow controller series. In the cutting process, if sand flow is too small may result in cutting efficiency is low, if the sand is too large and will occur blocking sand. Therefore, we should according to the actual working condition of the waterjet parts sand controller make appropriate treatment, for blocking sand to reduce the amount of sand, on the contrary, we must increase the supply amount of sand supply:

1, When the waterjet parts throttle screw is not good should be replaced with a new throttle screw;

2, When the waterjet cutting machine parts adjusting screw is not good need to be adjusted on the sand valve.

Throttle screw replacement: the role of the throttle screw is used to limit the flow of sand, sand throttle screw wears in the process of sand supply, the need to immediately replace.

A, The throttle screw is screwed into Waterjet Parts connectors threaded hole;

B, Turn the screw with a screwdriver in the opposite direction, adjust the throttle screw to the appropriate location;

C, From the other side of the connector screwing positioning screw;

D, After the lock nut set into the connectors, put into the combination washer;

E, The connector screwed into sand value body, and tightened with a wrench;

F, Between the waterjet parts throttle screw and the valve core kept at a distance of 0.05;

G, Push the top of the valve core, observe valve core whether freedom of movement, or should repeat the steps.

Waterjet Parts adjust the adjusting screw on sand valve, the adjustment of sand flow before adjusting knob must confirm the following points:

1, Sand value between the connector and the valve body, between the the joint pipe and the valve Waterjet Parts combination washer intact;

2, Sand supply plastic pipe without any damage;

3, The sand supply plastic pipe is fully inserted into the sand hole of the mixing chamber in the nozzle body;

4, System working pressure is normal;

5, Gem orifice no damage, no divergence in the outlet of the cutting head.

Otherwise, it should first deal with the corresponding problems before the following steps to adjust the sand flow through the adjusting screw:

A, Open the high pressure, the use performance of all waterjet parts stability, after system reach normal operating pressure then open sand valve;

B, Use a wrench to unscrew the locking nut counterclockwise;

C, Turn the adjusting screw, all waterjet cutting machine parts with stable performance;

D, Turn adjusting screw clockwise to the sand valve movement, sand flow increases, conversely, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise so that it moves out, the sand flow becomes smaller. At this point, installed in the sand valve of the negative pressure meter reading will be corresponding changes. When the negative pressure increases for increasing the amount of sand supply;

E, Carefully observe the sand flow in the waterjet parts sand supply pipe, after adjusting screw make the sand supply evenly and continuously and lock the locking nut again.