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Routine examination of waterjet cutting machine parts

1, Waterjet Parts gem orifice quality check: gem orifice quality will directly affect the life of sand tube and the workpiece cutting precision, therefore, before everyday work to check again the gem orifice quality. Observe the gem nozzle of the water column at low pressure is vertical or not, it is concentrated into a strip or not. If Waterjet Parts gem nozzle jet of water dispersion, not concentration, it is necessary to replace the gems.

2, Check the oil-way: low pressure, check waterjet parts water jet cutting machine commutation system is normal, accurate commutation, symmetrical, not beating, the oil pipe without leakage, oil color ecru, you can boost pressure cutting work.

3, Machine vibration check: This is an important examination, it is directly related to the service life of the machine. Because the machine vibration, there must be some reasons, over time, various parts of the waterjet machine parts are all will be seriously hurt, so when your machine has a slight flicker, must stop immediately check to find out why, after repairs re-start.

4, The inspection of the winter water waterjet parts: before starting everyday in winter, to check all waterways whether there is a freeze, if there is ice, only after clearing the ice can boost pressure to cut.

5, One way valve fever: This is a common problem, that is, the valve spool or valve pad is broken, must be promptly replaced.

We need to system check waterjet parts of health, that makes the water jet cutting machine to keep the best running status, prolong water jet service life, improves workpiece cutting effect.