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Waterjet Parts Use Problems
Waterjet Parts in the use prone to problems

Waterjet Parts in the waterjet cutting device use process often will be some problems, as long as we promptly addressed, for bad Waterjet Parts to repair or replace, will not affect our normal production.

1, Sand control valve off the sand:

(1) Causes: there may be a debris entering into the sand screen. Such as small pebbles, paper and other so that the orifice to clog up, resulting in broken sand.

(2) How to tell: see negative pressure meter, negative pressure is significantly lower than the setting value, the foreign matter in the sand box outlet the nut throttle end; no negative pressure, the foreign objects or excessive sand accumulation in sand control valve body inside to a sand conveying pipe joint.

(3) Solutions: If it is the first case, unscrew the nut of welded pipe joint, put down sand control valve, remove the throttle valve seat with a screwdriver, the foreign matter will flow along with the sand, if the foreign body is too large, it will need to remove sandbox to remove foreign bodies. If it is the second case, you need to remove the sand valve joint, sand conveying pipe, the pipe can be used to remove the foreign body with high pressure gas.

2, Waterjet Parts nozzle body, pressure relief valve backwater:

(1) Causes: A, sand tube blockage, there may be debris into the sand tube, causing sand tube blockage. B, the water switch failure. C, the amount of sand supply is too large.

(2) Solutions: A, open the cutting head, remove the sand tube, remove debris and clean the sand tube, or sand tube in turn and installed, with high pressure water rushed out. B, check the water switch valve needle or water switch valve gasket is damaged, if it is then replaced.

3, Waterjet cutting machine parts high-pressure turbocharger has been high pressure, but not high in sand tube:

(1) Causes: A, there may be debris into the water spray nozzle, resulting in water nozzle blockage. B, high-pressure filter is blocked.

(2) Solution: A, open cutting head, remove the nozzle, blowing with your mouth or air compressor, if blow fails, use a small wire into the water nozzle center hole, remove the debris. B, remove the high pressure filters and clean up.

4, The cutter head ejected water not bundle:

(1) Cause: sand tube is damaged.

(2) Solution: replace the sand tube.

5, If there without water, must discharge air in the water pipe, the water injection hole filled with water before turning on power.

6, If you accidentally broke the sand tube, you can put sand tube port polished before continue use.

KOS Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. friendly remind: Replace the high-pressure system waterjet cutting machine parts, must in shutdown state, completely discharge pressure, to ensure safety in production.