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Waterjet Parts Use Tips 2
1, Please do not seek cheaper to buy non-manufacturers to provide parts, not just parts quality can not be guaranteed, and may be harmful to your device, resulting in greater losses. Also lose the factory warranty on your device, it is really not worth the candle.

2, The user can back up the parameters in the numerical control system to restore the required time.

3, After the normal starting, has been pressing on the high-pressure water button and not loose, then the device will stop reversing and show the maximum pressure. If this moment oil pressure gauge can be raised to a pressure actually used, can determine the overflow valve is normal.

4, Normal starting but non reversing device, we can the valve on the two electric plugs removed. And then hand alternating touch the reversing valves at both ends of the rubber cover inside valve elements. If the device can change, can determine the reversing valve is normal.

5, When the turbocharger is first turned on after maintenance, to protect the equipment you need to first pressure down, then slowly raised to the use of pressure.

6, Do you know that the punch points of the M software can not be more than 99.

7, NEWCAM software in the open when the error message ID = 20, is due to the encryption box driver is not installed, properly install the driver to return to normal.

8, Every day before the normal starting, please check in advance the relevant water, electricity, gas are all in place.

9, Make sure that the device where the ambient temperature is above freezing to avoid freezing parts of the device.

10, When the parts purchased by the user to handle claims for quality problems, please provide the device serial number, the actual use of time and Symptom circumstances described parts.

11, When the NC system prompts the limit or stop alarm, the device is unable to open the high-pressure water.

12, When the pressure relay on the turbocharger alarm or damaged, the device is unable to open the oil pump.

13, When machining brittle materials (such as glass, ceramic, etc.), the pressure is reduced during drilling can effectively control the damage of the material.

14, U disk interface to the CNC system to install a USB extension cable, so you do not have to worry about repeated mating U disk caused U disk poor contact or interface damage.

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