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Waterjet Parts Using Skills
What is the use of waterjet parts and water jet cutting machine skills?

1, We use Waterjet Parts and waterjet machine cutting materials, in the case of the speed and accuracy can meet the requirements, as far as possible to reduce starting pressure, so that the protection of Waterjet Parts has a very good role.

2, Multiple layers of the workpiece stacking together of cutting, to prevent the gap between the workpiece, influence the cutting effect.

3, Using smaller abrasive, such as 120 mesh sand, although the cutting speed is slightly slower, but the workpiece surface is smoother, but also on the waterjet parts are well protected.

4, Production efficiency is refers to the cost of each workpiece, rather than cost per hour. Don't try to through the use of reduced abrasive methods to reduce production costs, and to ensure the normal cutting speed, improve production efficiency.

5, In the glass and stone perforation, to ensure that the system can use the controller to reduce or increase water pressure. Also check the vacuum assist device technology to improve the chances of success of the perforation of the brittle materials or laminated materials.

6, The use of more intelligent computer program control system, reduce waste, improve cutting speed, improve cutting quality.

7, Improved the sand control system, making automation; thin workpieces stacked cutting.

8, Today, waterjet cutting machines are to inject the tap water into the pressurization system, increasing the water pressure to achieve the purpose of cutting. Before the tap water into the high-pressure cylinder, to soften water, water softening the better, the protective effect of waterjet parts better. The raw water will reduce the waterjet parts life. No softened corrosive water absorb the surrounding material ions to reverse osmosis, damaged turbocharger and pipes, nozzles, cylinder, check valve and end cover.

9, Use waterjet cutting machine underwater cutting, will greatly reduce jet noise and confusion in the workplace. The disadvantage is that in the process of cutting the operator can not clearly see the jet, while also affecting Waterjet Parts life. Underwater cutting pay attention to working safety.

10, Before the use of abrasive, the best sieve again.

11, Superhard workpiece cutting, to slow down cutting speed, to protect the water jet cutting machine parts, improve the cutting quality.