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Waterjet Sand Supply System
Sand Supply System Waterjet Parts Regulation In Use

Sand control systems Waterjet Parts regulation in use. Waterjet cutting machine parts after using a period of time, waterjet parts sand control valve body will accumulate a number of fine sand, if we do not timely remove the fine sand, then it's likely to cause sand supply system blockage, leading off the sand, bring troubles to cutting work. In order to ensure that the water jet cutting machine to work properly, sand supply system must be maintained smooth, to keep smooth of sand supply system, it is necessary for regular cleaning the sand system of Waterjet Parts. In the cleaning process of sand supply system waterjet parts, we should pay attention to the following matters:

1, The grain size of sand to comply with the standard, can not be too big or too small, or evenness not good;

2, Sand flow too large will cause backwater, too small will affect the cutting speed, through experiments to find the correct sand supply flow standard;

3, In accordance with the requirements of waterjet parts technology operating instruction for cutting operation, first open water, then open sand; first off sand, then off the water;

4, Every day while going off work, to pull out the sand supply pipe from the nozzle body, to prevent the existence of sand cause backwater.