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Waterjet Sand Tube Introduction
Do you know about waterjet sand tube?

Waterjet abrasive sand tube is also known as the abrasive nozzle, which is an important part of high pressure machine, refers to the ability to work under high pressure conditions, making the work can be successfully completed. Internal working conditions of waterjet sand tube is very bad, because the acceleration of the work makes the sand tube damaged very serious, so the waterjet sand tube material with wear resistance, so it has become a key of waterjet sand tube production. General business in the manufacture of waterjet sand tubes are utilizing the best materials, so that the machine can work for a long time, but so far waterjet sand tubes use value still not reached satisfactory level. KOS now for your detailed introduction of waterjet sand tube.

1. Waterjet sand tube structure

In fact, waterjet sand tube structure is very simple, and not imagined so complex, mainly composed of two ends, which are conical and cylindrical, because the use machinery is not the same, applications are not the same, so the size of the production is also different. Its structure design is mainly based on mechanical design, to meet the requirements for the use of machinery.

2. Waterjet sand tube material

Waterjet sand tube at work will be a high-speed friction, so the selection of material is very important. Generally, waterjet sand tube must have a very high strength of wear resistance and high strength hardness, so as to ensure the water jet sand tube work. It is mainly the use of composite materials made of tungsten carbide, which is generally very good wear resistance in cemented carbide, and as compounds, process conditions will affect the wear resistance.

3. Waterjet sand tube wear degree

Waterjet sand tube in the work the abrasion wear is divided into different forms, there are sliding wear and impact wear and so on, different forms of wear for water jet sand tube effects are different, some of the damage is not great, but some of the damage is very large, so in the production of waterjet sand tube, be sure to choose the right material, so as not to strengthen the degree of wear.

4. Waterjet sand tube life

Service life of waterjet sand tube is mainly dependent on the production of the material itself, and its hardness, wear resistance is closely related to the extent, therefore waterjet sand tube material is the key.

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