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Waterjet Use Safety Precautions
Water jet is a kind of ultra-high pressure water cutting technology, waterjet cutting with no thermal effect, no distortion, smooth cutting and other excellent features. Waterjet rely on high-pressure water jet to cut hard materials, so when in operation pay attention to safety.

In manufacturing, of course strictly use a well sealed box high pressure protection measures. However, in actual use, we still have to keep in mind the safety instructions, to operate.

First, the waterjet mainly by CNC cantilever or gantry motion driven cutting head movement to complete some patterns cutting. Therefore, in the vicinity of CNC cantilever prohibited personnel near, to avoid accidental injury; and also cantilever around to avoid interference objects. Waterjet cutting head is high pressure water outlet, in cutting direct interaction with the material, therefore, to ensure cutting materials have been placed tidily, otherwise prone to waterjet sand tube damage, serious will lead to leakage of high pressure water, resulting in personal injury.

After completing the process, be sure the high pressure water switch is turned off, or closed the high pressure, and then to take the material. When emergency power outages, high-pressure water will remain in the high-pressure system, once comes the power, the remaining high pressure water will spray, therefore, at this time do not close to the cutting head. After the power is switched on again, remove the residual high pressure water.

Second, to ensure the safety of high-pressure pipelines. In general, high pressure pipe and turbocharger will not go wrong, prone to problems, mainly high-pressure water leaks. Therefore, in accordance with instructions for use, from time to time replace seal assembly. Also, choose a reasonable way of cutting, concerned about whether there is high pressure water leakage, once discovered, immediately press the emergency stop button, the high pressure system to stop working. In addition, the high-pressure system cooling is also noteworthy. High pressure system at work due to pressurization and friction will generate heat, if not efficient cooling, the seal assembly and a variety of high pressure components service life will be affected, the long-term high-temperature, high-pressure system service life will greatly reduce, but also very prone to danger, so some products with high temperature protection, more than the set temperature, the system automatically stops, to ensure safety. For the no temperature protection function device, requires the user to focus on temperature changes, in case of emergency.

Finally, waterjet usually has a predetermined high pressure range of use. Waterjet pressure is adjustable. Rated 300MPa high pressure water jet, if long-term work at full capacity, water jet wear will be great, in general steel plate thickness of 2cm in 260Mpa, will achieve the ideal speed and effectiveness, the general use of 260-280Mpa is the best. Also is the pure water, if impurities in the water, will plug the pipeline, also will damage the equipment, and even accident.

Waterjet under normal use, is not dangerous, but taking into account its strong power, designers tend to foolproof, therefore, will use a variety of means of protection, also will give users a lot of suggestions and requirements. At the same time customers must comply with the use of standardized provisions of the safe use of equipment.