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Waterjet parts: small matters should be paid attention to in the use process of waterjet

The following simple to introduce some water jet in the use process of small common sense, we usually should pay more attention to these small details, in order to improve the service life of the water jet.

1, After the sand nozzle is used for a period of time, the life of a sand nozzle can be greatly improved by rotating one angle.

2, Fault appears when users are unable to determine the cause of the malfunction, please detailed observation of fault phenomena (including oil pressure gauge and hydraulic pressure gauge numerical, the commutation frequency, fault trigger buttons, etc.), these fault phenomena, feedback to the manufacturers of after-sales service personnel, let them to analyze the cause of the fault, and maintenance instructions.

3, We can use both hands to touch both ends of the high and low pressure parts, to quickly determine which end of the high and low pressure one-way valve seal is not good, generally speaking the high temperature end of the sealing effect is certainly not good.

4, Pipe connections to prevent leaks, the screw thread of the steel pipe head must be three or more teeth higher than washers.

5, When a fault is unable to determine the problem is in the water or oil line, can be partially dismantled of water line (after high pressure cylinder removed), and then open the oil pump and high-pressure water switch, observe the oil cylinder piston commutation is normal or not. To determine the problem is the fault of the water line or oil line.

6, Where the turbocharger is fitted with a sealing ring, it is required to lubricate the grease when installing.

7, All threads connections on the turbocharger needs to be painted blue oil, to prevent thread seizure.

8, When installing the gem orifice and sand nozzle, avoid excessive tightening screw. In order to prevent crushed gem orifice or pinch off sand nozzle.

9, High pressure and low pressure cylinder head connection is recommended every two or three days a screw loose, to prevent high pressure and low pressure cylinder head connection too tight.

10, The cutting head from workpiece best cutting height is 5mm-7mm.

11, Reduce the turbocharger oil temperature as far as possible, can greatly improve the service life of the sealing ring and reduce costs.

12, Appropriate to reduce the pressure, will not decrease cutting efficiency, but also can greatly improve service life of waterjet wearing parts.