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Watetjet Cutting Ceramic And Glass
Comparison of waterjet cutting technology in the ceramic stone and glass industries

In the field of ceramic stone waterjet cutting applications: any shape cutting, for the realization of art provides an effective tool, the traditional cutting method is usually the saw cutting, generally only the cutting line. When the need to cut the curve, first need to make a template meet the size requirements, after the initial cutting, mainly artificial polished manner. With CNC technology of waterjet under the program control can one-time complete any complex shape cutting, for the realization of art provides an effective waterjet cutting tool.

Waterjet as the main processing machine of ceramic stone industry is widely used. Its distinguishing feature is taking all curvilinear cutting of ceramic stone. Common cases are: large ceramic mural, lobby floor mosaic, ceramic screen, cabinet irregular shape surface, stone art furniture and so on.

Waterjet cutting applications in the glass industry: today, glass in the community, all walks of life to use more and more, on the one hand, promotes the development of the glass industry, on the other hand also for the glass industry, glass products made more diverse needs. Waterjet cutting technology to join for the diversity of glass products, provides a quick and easy solution.

1, For the flat glass, waterjet cutting can processing any geometry you want. Whether modeling or drilling, waterjet cutting can be handy. Its main features are: diverse, accurate and beautiful, the incision is frosted shape;

2, Cutting does not produce heat, does not cause the arc marks at the cutting slit, safety, environmental protection and does not require re-processing and easy to re-processing;

3, Can carry out any curve of cutting and drilling, do not need die, flexible and convenient, the workpiece does not need special clamping, simple operation;

4, The slit is only 1 mm, cutting surface clean, smooth, non explosive edge, wide cutting range, glass thickness up to 100 mm. Appliance glass cutting (gas stove surface, range hood, disinfecting cabinet, TV); luminaires; crafts glass; bathroom products (shower room, etc.); building and decorating glass; furniture glass; automotive glass; mirror glass and so on.