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High Pressure Waterjet Machine Parts are widely used in the cutting tool industry, in the metal production industry, plastics production industry and mineral production industry for high-pressure water jet cutting machine is absolutely inseparable. High pressure water jet machine during the operation, if there is any defect or small damage should be promptly repairs, if the problem is too big, we should consider replacing its problematic parts, so that each function can operate normally. KOS high pressure water jet cutting accessories, including the cutting head nozzles, gem nozzles, cutting head on/off valve, seal kits. Waterjet cutting head can divided into water-only cutting head and mixing cutting head, commonly known as sand tube. Sand tube material must have a high hardness, high wear resistance, both are indispensable.

Sand pipe also known as abrasive nozzle or abrasive tubing, means high pressure abrasive water jet machine tools used as an abrasive mixed with water nozzle at the jet exit. Because of its harsh environment conditions inside the jet, abrasive after being accelerated inside the sand tube wear is very large, and therefore needs very wear-resistant materials for manufacturing. Sand tube is the key to the formation of abrasive waterjet. Waterjet sand tube specifications: the hole is generally 0.3 ~ 1.2mm, outer diameter is generally 6mm. Waterjet sand tube material: tungsten carbide composite material is generally produced by processing. Sand tube life depends on the product itself material, while the pressure of waterjet equipment, whether or not the use of sand, sand material, hardness, etc. have a close relationship. Typically 80 to 150 hours. Restricting nozzle (waterjet orifice) generally use artificial (or natural) ruby or sapphire, the diameter is usually 0.1mm to 0.5mm, after the water flow through the nozzle at a speed of 1000m/s ejection. We are a company specialized in the production of waterjet machine parts, our company specializes in the design, according to production requirements, from reality and seeking truth from facts developed professional, practical, high-quality ruby nozzle. When using ruby nozzle, be sure to pay attention to the use of time is not too long, if the time is too long, it will hurt the ruby nozzle fitting function and reduce certain life.

All of our products are professionally reviewed at the time of production, we have strict audit department checks every production step, to ensure that no poor quality products into the market, the product produced is complete, we will sent it to professional testing department re-by-step review. We know Waterjet Cutting Parts will directly determine the life and efficiency of the waterjet cutter machines. We not only provide superior quality products, and the product is equipped with a manual, there are procedure details and accessories precautions, we have a professional attitude to serve each user, allowing customers to enjoy our professionalism. We have advanced production and processing equipment and processing technology, the quality of our products is obvious. Our customers throughout the world. We have the perfect service for all parts used in the waterjet machine, we have stock. Order at any time can be shipped.
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