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KOS machinery company after years of unremitting efforts, now has become a professional high-pressure water jet cutting machine parts sales and exports of high-tech enterprises. Has been committed to the development and production of water jet cutting equipment accessories to sell waterjet cutting equipment parts at the core, professional water jet industry to provide the most advantage of accessories and services, the company's products not only in domestic sales leader, and exported to the United States, Canada, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, including many well-known water jet equipment manufacturers, regional equipment service providers, traders, as well as large-scale processing enterprises, processing plants, and its unique technology expertise and precision machining with the new manufacturing quality requirements and application of new materials in the field of rapid development, has been adopted by a growing number of industries, each product sold have professional quality inspection process, we insist that our parts become one of your most reliable products, the technical content are now in a leading position.

Water jet cutting is an economical cutting technology for all materials. This extensive range of applications of cold cutting technology, it is widely processing firms. Water jet cutting is a cold cutting process, thus, particularly suitable for the application of the material can not being affected by the heat. All the cutting process requires a certain amount of energy. Water jet cutting is an effective cutting method for separate the material. Potential through the water can be converted into pressure energy; then through the size is only 1/10 mm gem orifice splitting, converted into kinetic energy. Water jet speeds up to three times of sound. The high energy jets constituted by water, or by a mixture of water and abrasive. It is a practical tool for micro-cutting process. One of the main advantages of water jet cutting technology is that it is a cold cutting process. This is particularly important for cutting metals, because of the cold cutting process will not affect the structure of the material trimming, it will not cause any material damage. In principle, the water jet can be used for cutting all types of materials. This method is most commonly used for cutting metal, stone and plastic. In addition, the water jet is also used for cutting glass, food or leather.

KOS abrasive nozzles use of ultra-fine tungsten carbide nano-particles, so that a higher level of wear resistance, excellent abrasion resistance makes it far beyond the life of ordinary tungsten carbide nozzles. Superior wear resistance, of course, means a reduction in the number of water jet nozzles purchased over time. But longer life also means nozzles maintain an optimum jet pattern and velocity longer. This allows faster average cutting speeds and significantly reduced system downtime for nozzle re-placement and system calibration. It also means greater dimensional accuracy and the ability to perform longer, uninterrupted cuts. These performance enhancements combine to make the entire cutting process more cost-effective. The long life focusing nozzles (also referred to as mixing tubes) are for use on Flow and other water jet cutting machines.

KOS waterjet orifice is of great accuracy and high durability. The inner hole's tolerance of every grain of ruby nozzle is controlled within 0 to + 0.006 mm. The concentric deviation between the arrow of water and sand tube is extremely minimal, making the grind to the sand tube produced by the water with sand be a minimum, greatly extending the working life of the sand tube. At the same time, the material is also strived to be the most professional one, ensuring that the service life of the nozzle lasts more than 80 hours. The Inner hole is from 0.06 mm to 0.60 mm and is suitable for the waterjet cutting machine, such as Flow, KMT, Jet Edge, Omax and so on, taking effect either on the cutting of pure water or the cutting of water with sand.

Our company is a very professional waterjet cutting parts supplier with very fast shipment and well-appreciated after-sale serve around the world in China. Our products are of great quality and have won professional verify from related authoritative departments. KOS machinery and old customers will continue to adhere to the "credibility first, customer first " service concept, to gratitude for many years of cooperation, and look forward to new partners. Please believe KOS machinery will be your ideal outstanding common development partners, we are willing to all my colleagues and customers go hand in hand, create brilliant tomorrow.